The ICARS Report England:

The ICARS Report England documents the experiences of 560 English children. It exposes an educational system which has failed children, especially those receiving SEND services, and their families with devastating consequences.

The Issue:

  • Behavioural approaches are being implemented to manage behaviours associated with disability
  • Rather than supporting accommodation needs in the school, children are punished for behaviours associated with their disabilities
  • Educators lack education and training in disability-affirming practices contributing to a culture that prioritizes control and policing of behaviours that are a reaction to being under-accommodated
  • Research into the factors that contribute to the use of restraint indicate that prioritising psychological safety and creating an inclusive culture are how to eliminate the use of restraint

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Has your child been subjected to restraint & seclusion in England's schools?

If yes, please respond here to the Dept. for Education “Use of reasonable force and restrictive practices in schools” consultation and tell them your story and why legislative protections are needed.

ICARS Report England Map

Map shows the local authorities overseeing the schools children attended, not the locations where the children reside.

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